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Just in time for Valentines day – those of you with iPhones stuffed in your purse or pocket can download a new app by Drs. Gottman, the Love Map app. One of the findings from Drs. Gottman’s extensive research is that couples who know the details of their partners’ likes, dislikes, hopes, fears, and aspirations are more likely to show resilience under stress. This resiliance, of course, reduces the likelihood of a couple turning against each other when things get tough. The Love Map app is a set of virtual cards that allow partners to play a fun game and get to know their partner – thus bringing more strength (and humor) into their relationship. Don and I downloaded this app and, even after 29 years of marriage, we found some surprises.

The Love Map app is available for $1.99 through the iTunes store or from Drs. Gottman’s website.  (And, no, we’re not getting anything from sharing this with you, except a smile knowing that you’ll enjoy this relationship building game.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don & Jane

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