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Here are a few papers and authors that have been influential in my thinking. In no particular order…

Dynamical Systems Theory: Linda B. Smith Research Site lists several available papers on her research, including several on Dynamical Systems Theory.

One perspective on why robots will never be like humans: Ziemke, T. (2001). Are Robots Embodied? Paper presented at the First International Workshop on Epigenetic Robots: Modeling Cognitive Development on Robotic Systems.

The mind is bigger than the brain in the view of  Prof. Andy Clark, see his papers on distributed cognition, embodiment, artificial life, and other topics of interest. http://www.philosophy.ed.ac.uk/people/clark/publications.html

Articles on the systemic communication perspective by Barnett Pearce, PhD, and others. http://www.pearceassociates.com/essays/research_menu.htm

Additional information on this powerful approach to understanding of communication can be found at CMM Institute

McGilchrist, I., (2009). The master and his emissary. Yale University Press/TJ International: Padstow, Cornwall, UK.

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